Best Natural Gas Grills of 2022

best natural gas grills

So you have the gas connections. You’re luckier than a lot of. No need to drop to the Ceremony Help or House Depot to get that lp container replaced. If you barbecue as high as I do you recognize just how much of discomfort that can be. Especially if you desire a large grill, I am chatting 6 heaters draining 74k BTU’s. If you are melting that much gas, best natural gas grills are a must.

The 6 Best Natural Gas Grills of 2022

1- Best Natural Gas Grills: Weber Genesis II E-310

best natural gas grills

This grill combines the outstanding high quality of Weber grills with excellent options and a cost that will not spend a lot. There are 3 high-grade stainless steel heaters with Flavorizer bars. That diverts and vaporize drippings to create savory smoke while additionally reducing flare-ups.

This offers you 513 square inches of cooking area on the major grates. That made from porcelain-coated actors iron for easy maintenance, along with 156 square inches of space on the warming rack. The warming rack tucks off the beaten track when not in use. Offering you added overhead area when you require it. 2 stainless steel side tables give you easy-to-clean room for tools as well as sauces while you work. The incorporated hooks allow you to hang tools so they’re simple to get hold of. As well as the open cart allows you save supplies within easy reach. 2 huge wheels plus 2 securing casters make this easy to relocate. After that the wheels can be secured to maintain the grill from moving if it’s inadvertently bumped.

2- Best for BBQ: Weber Summit S-670 Stainless-Steel Natural-Gas Grill

best natural gas grills

This grill has everything as well as extra, so it’s fantastic for any individual who loves to cook for the household, good friends, and also events. It has primary six heaters plus a side burner. So you’ll have an area to cook for a group on the 693 square inch main grates. The warming rack offers an added 145 square inches for maintaining your hamburger buns toasty or holding your wings at offering temperature level. The grates are made from thick stainless steel poles that will never ever corrosion, chip, or wear away. As well as are easy to comb clean after food preparation.

The searing burner offers you an extra blast of warmth for promptly scorching steaks. Before moving them to a cooler part of the grill to continue cooking. As well as the smoker heater and cigarette smoker box allow you to add delicious smoke flavor to every one of your food. This additionally includes an integrated rotisserie motor that drops down unseen when not in use. In addition to a rotisserie heater for ideal food preparation.

The control knobs illuminate, making them simple to see when grilling after dark, and also the lights on the large lid handle illuminate the cooking room for late-night food preparation. The cart is from stainless steel with doors that hide your materials from sight. A grease administration system sends grease as well as drippings to a collection tray for simple removal when food preparation is done.

3- Best Built-In: Napoleon Built-in LEX 485 Natural Gas Grill

best natural gas grills

This built-in grill has the exact same stainless steel wave-shaped cooking rods as Napoleon’s standalone grills. That waveform will certainly maintain your asparagus spears and other tiny foods from moving in between the grates, while also giving great grill marks on steaks as well as chops. The control knobs are backlit for an eye-catching look and also far better exposure in the evening and also the cover is double-walled, to maintain the heat in. Four heaters provide 48,000 BTUs of cooking power on 675 square inches of cooking space.

4- Best Under $500: Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 NG Gas Grill

best natural gas grills

This three-burner grill doesn’t have the bells as well as whistles of a lot more costly Weber grills, yet it still has the top-notch building and construction and all of the vital features. It will offer you 529 square inches of cooking space on porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates that are very easy to maintain while offering very easy cleansing, nonstick cooking, and wonderful grill marks.

Porcelain layered Flavorizer bars over the burners lower the opportunity of flare-ups while developing delicious smoke from the food drippings. The oil administration system accumulates any continuing to be drippings for very easy cleaning when cooking is done.

This has an open cart for convenient storage of materials, and 2 big wheels that make this very easy to move. Two stainless steel side trays provide you area for your sauces and also condiments while you barbecue, and also tool hooks let you hang your devices nearby. The left table folds up to finish when it’s not in use.

Available in 4 different colors.

5- Best Under $2,000: Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill

best natural gas grills

This six-burner grill has special wave-shaped stainless steel cooking grids that will develop fascinating and also impressive grill marks on your hamburgers and also steaks, as well as they likewise help stop small foods from falling through the grates. They consisted of rotisserie set provides you an additional option for cooking chickens and also roasts, utilizing the infrared back burner while an infrared side burner provides you even more cooking room.

The primary food preparation location is 500 square inches with four major burners of 12,000 BTUs supplying exceptional cooking power. For even more cooking alternatives, the side heater is 14,000 BTUs and also the back burner is 18,000 BTUs. This grill is made from stainless steel so it will look good for years to come. An intriguing device is the charcoal and smoker tray, offered individually, that allows you to fill up the tray with charcoal, light it with the burner, as well as a cook over a charcoal fire right in your barbecue grill. A section of the tray is scheduled for timber, so you can utilize it for smoking cigarettes also.

6- Best for Pizza: Chicago Brick Oven Americano Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven Hybrid

best natural gas grills

Built for pizza, however exceptional for steaks, roasts, veggies, and a lot more, this grill can make use of either gas or wood as gas, so you’ll obtain exactly the results you desire. The low dome maintains the warmth in while channeling smoke out of the flue, so you will not get a blast of smoke in your face when you inspect the food, and it’s made to develop temperature levels as much as 1000 levels, for food preparation pizzas in just a few mins, or utilize lower temperatures for toasting and also barbecuing.

This gives you a total of 675 square inches of cooking area. A bottom rack provides you storage space for products. This evaluates 350 extra pounds and does not have wheels, so it’s meant to stay in the area.


The best natural gas grills of 2022 are those that provide the perfect balance of features, performance, and price. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite products on the market above, but there are plenty of other great options available as well. Do your research, read reviews, and ask around to see what others recommend before making a purchase. With the right grill in your backyard, you’ll be able to cook up delicious meals for years to come.

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