Best Battery Charger For Drones

Leading Best Battery Charger For Drones Of 2022

You’ve got a drone today you need a way to charge up the LiPo battery. This page will check out the Best Battery Charger For Drones on the marketplace. Leaving you with a far better understanding of which one you need to buy.

After attempting and also evaluating loads of different LiPo battery chargers over the past few years, the adhering to listing needs to be my top 5. Delight in!

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1- Best Battery Charger For Drones – SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 Dual Power


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The SkyRC iMax is conveniently the ‘go-to’ drone battery LiPo charger and also securely takes the leading area. Why? A variety of factors for this. To start with, it has a high 6A charge, which implies that it will certainly be able to charge up your LiPos truly rapidly. This will certainly lower waiting time in between flights and, let you fly a lot more often! It bills other sorts of batteries also such as lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and also extra.

Reasonably, if you’re significant about drones then you need among these in your toolbox. The iMax is very reasonably valued as well as will save you money in the future given that it lasts for a very long time and also as a result of its convenience, which means you will not have to invest cash on various other battery chargers for different kinds of batteries. Yet it does not stop there. You can use the iMax to determine the resistance of your batteries, examine the voltage analyses from each cell, and also lets you understand if a battery is dead.

It is somewhat more costly than the other options listed here, yet consider this as a once investment. You’re not going to require one more battery charger for many years after getting this, and with numerous added benefits, the iMax strikes the wonderful point between high quality and also worth for cash.

2- Holy Stone 5 In 1 Charger


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The Holy Stone 5 is an extraordinary value for cash. For just 10 bucks you obtain a battery charger that will power five LiPo batteries at the same time. In order to make use of the Holy Rock charger, you will certainly require to be able to connect it to a USB power supply. This can literally be anything from your wall surface to your laptop.

Nevertheless, for the fastest cost your most likely to need to connect it into the wall surface since that will certainly have enough Amps to provide all five batteries with power. You would believe that there is a catch that something so helpful is so inexpensive– however, there really isn’t. My only complaint is that it is made from a weak plastic so it feels cheap and might break if someone stepped on it. Besides that, the Holy Rock 5 in 1 battery charger is a bargain. Get it currently whilst it is still $10.

The only reason this is positioned in the number 2 spot and also not the number 1 is because the iMax battery charger revealed above can do a lot more than simply charge. Nevertheless, if you’re simply looking for an easy charger after that the Holy Stone is the one to get.

3- Best Battery Charger For Drones – Tenergy T439 5-in-1 charger


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In at number three is the Tenergy T439. This is another 5 in 1 battery charger. Much like the Holy Rock charger noted, over, the Tenergy is fantastically cheap and easy to use. It works to charge practically every single Micro RC Helicopter and Airplane on the marketplace making use of 3.7 V 1ST Batteries. These consist of the Husban, Syma, UDI as well as WLToy quadcopters. I located that this charger had a lot more superior feeling to it than the Holy Rock. Nevertheless, it is almost twice the price at $19. That’s still actually cheap for a battery charger and also fantastic value. It also includes replacement batteries for the Syma drones (so if you have among them count on your own luck!).

4- Venom Pro 2


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The Poison Pro 2 is a strong charging system that is economical as well as reputable. It can charge up to 6A (which is more than enough for most drone pilots). It is likewise extremely basic to utilize– the user interface can be run with 4 big red buttons that are user-friendly to make use of.

However, the main reason you would certainly want to purchase the Poison Pro 2 is down to its rate. For simply under $60, you are getting a product that is half the rate of in a similar way able chargers and thus, someone that is a brand-new or intermediate drone pilot should defiantly think about getting this. For example, it comes geared up with some premium attributes such as interior resistance dimension and various battery pre-sets so you can connect in your battery and also bill it with optimal settings. I have actually never experienced an issue with the Venom Pro 2 and so I extremely recommend it.

5- Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger


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The Tenergy TB6-B battery charger is one of those all-in-one chargers that end up being truly helpful when you have many different kinds of batteries. It sustains NiMH, NICD, Li-Po, Li-ion, Li-Fe, SLA Batteries. Essentially, your not most likely to require another charger after you get this. The only disadvantage is that it bills one battery each time. However, its ideal function without a doubt is that it has a memory feature where it can bear in mind pre-sets for your LiPo’s. Basically, all you need to do is connect in your battery, choose your setups as well as charge away! This saves time as well as allows you to fly extra regularly. Wizard!


When acquiring batteries, I extremely suggest that you purchase a LiPo bag to make sure that you can ensure your charging them safely. A LiPo bag is made from a material that will not melt or catch fire if something fails with your battery (such as overheating etc.) I constantly position my LiPos in bags whilst they are charging just so I can be guaranteed that every little thing is safe. Here is the exact one I use– nonetheless do not hesitate to surf the internet to find one that matches you.

Many thanks for reading this short article– I hope you currently have a much better idea on what the most effective LiPo battery chargers for drones are.

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