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Bil-Jac Frozen Pet Dog Food Evaluation

Bil-Jac Makes Dog Training Easier

Jim and also I was first presented to Bil Jac Frozen Dog Food at our pet’s puppy training class a number of years ago.

The specialist instructors used it as an “immediate benefit” treat for each good behavior that a pet dog would certainly show.

The pet dogs consumed it up … essentially.

It ended up being evident to us early on that our pet would certainly do anything for some of that Biljac food!

The very best part (for training purposes, anyway) is the fact that Biljac is small and also pellet-shaped– similar to rabbit pellets in shape and dimension. Plus, it’s soft as well as pliable. This makes it simple to dole out in extremely small amounts for duplicated rewards, state when you’re educating your pet dog to “heel”.

As an example, with the dog at your left side as well as a small handful of Biljac nuggets in your left hand … when given the command to “heel”, your canine will intuitively follow your hand knowing that he’ll get a smidgen of tasty Biljac every few.

Bil-Jac Is An Excellent Daily Treat, Too

Our pets obtain BilJac frozen food treats each and every single day.

Just Like Alpo Liva-Snaps, they will do anything for a Bil-Jac reward … as well as their mouths begin salivating the moment they understand they’re obtaining one!

That’s why we try to schedule the BilJac as even more of a “deluxe treat” for those times when the pet has gone above-and-beyond your ordinary pet habits.

Whenever the pets have actually been really great, they obtain a few items of Bil-Jac icy canine food morsels.

And also, we constantly pack some frozen BilJac inside the pet dogs’ Kong Toys anytime we leave the house alone for numerous hours at a time.

How To Get The Most From Frozen Biljac

We grab the BilJac so usually that we keep an ample supply of thawed out frozen BilJac in a Ziploc bag in the refrigerator at all times.

A zip-type bag saved on the door inside the refrigerator makes it a cinch to dip into numerous times throughout the day.

When you purchase frozen Biljac at the pet store or supermarket (we obtain ours at Kroger), this is what it appears like:

It’s simply a huge square log of frozen canine food pellets

I normally allow it thaw just a bit, so it’s less complicated to separate into smaller portions as well as area handfuls right into plastic zip bags. I have actually also allowed it thaw completely prior to re-bagging it and then re-freezing it! It’s perfectly great as long as it still has a cool to it when you’re doing the re-bagging and also re-freezing.

For the record, a small 5 pound. bag of icy Bil-Jac lasts more than a month in our residence– with 2 canines that just get the BilJac as deals with. Honestly, it typically lasts a lot longer than that due to the fact that often I only reach for one of my frozen Biljac baggies every other month approximately.

Pros & Disadvantages of Bil-Jac Frozen Pet Dog Food


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  • Bil-Jac does not have a normal dog food odor.
  • You can tell it’s fresh by its smell, and just how soft it is.
  • When it’s being eaten, Biljac does not leave crumbs as regular canine food does.
  • It’s made of all real meat, without any fillers.
  • They state BilJac is specifically great for particular eaters. (Our pet dogs aren’t finicky, but they still enjoy it!).
  • Given as a reward, we find the Biljac frozen pet dog food to be fairly economical.


  • The only drawback that I can think about relating to icy Biljac is the fact that it should be cooled at all times.
  • This means that our pets only get this yummy treat when we’re at house and when we have actually kept in mind to transfer some from the fridge freezer to the fridge to thaw out.
  • And also, it may be harder than other pet treats to locate in local stores.

Where To Locate Biljac Frozen Pet Dog Food.

It holds true. You’ll probably have to look a little tougher to locate shops that market Biljac icy canine food.

For the lengthiest time, just feed supply stores and non-commercial pet supply stores carried it.

Then, some Animal Smart shops began selling BilJac completely dry dog food, but not the frozen kind.

I enjoy reporting that today, great deals of grocery stores currently carry icy Bil-Jac! As I said, we obtain ours at Kroger.

In supermarkets, it lies in the frozen food aisle– normally in a different fridge freezer filled with all types of icy dog foods. If the store takes place to have a big pet food location, opportunities are they’ll have a stand-up fridge freezer right there in the pet food aisle full of one of the most preferred sorts of icy pet food.

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